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ContextEngage with Us

We increase your customer loyalty and sales
with our vast knowledge of
customer experience and support

These are common successes achieved by our customers, similar in all industries:

  • Reduce spiralling support costs while improving support performance
  • Place quality (self-service) help content where customers most need it (reduce customer effort and they will use your content and stay loyal)
  • Combine automatic with personal to help customers and employees
  • Integrate with other company apps such as CRM, ERP and user sync with product

Must read: If you are already using a Support CRM or checking out a new solution, read our article about how your should be utilizing your investment - Are you Making the Most of your Support CRM?

We do as we preach
This website was actually built inside the Zendesk Help Center!

See the rest of our Portfolio for further examples

Small Selection of Our Customers

Your Business - What Can we do for you

Listen to our Customers

Our Services - How we do it

Why Work With ContextEngage

Zendesk and Paligo are great products with their own excellent customer service. However, we add an extra level with our services, expertise and actual business oriented sales process.

Our Portfolio

Check out some of the Zendesk Help Centers we have created. We can help you to:

  • Design your Help Center
  • Implement the design inside the Help Center
  • Plugins to add functionality such as popouts, expandable sections, navigation menu and more
  • Create the content architecture so you know what and where to write
  • Write the actual content

Check out our ContextEngage Apps

ContextTranslate App

This app has been discontinued.

ContextTranslate Banner

FlareZendesk App

FlareZendesk app discontinued - Use Paligo for authoring with Zendesk integration.

Once we discovered Paligo, we became official Paligo partners. Paligo is a cloud-based authoring application. The range of features is much more than a Help Authoring Tool (such as Flare) with workflows, Zendesk integration, versioning and a whole bunch of other featuring directly built in.

Have enterprise authoring functionality and full workflow management without the enterprise level pricing.

Please go to www.paligo.net for more details.

Download the 1st chapter for free of The Unforgettable Customer Experience, written by our own XO Richard Kimber.

About Us

ContextEngage have two offices - Liverpool, UK and Bet Shemesh, Israel. We serve worldwide.

Steve Wiseman, CEO

Born in Liverpool, UK and residing in Israel, Steve is an expert in a number of areas. Specializing in the world of content, Steve has run Context for over 15 years providing technical and marketing content solutions. Customers range from Microsoft and Intel to the smallest of startups.

Now also an expert in deploying solutions to help clients have an amazing experience with their own customers. Using his vast business experience, Steve concentrates on the business aspect of the implementation before getting into the technical side. His emphasis has always been on matching the business goals. Technology is the tool to make it happen.

Richard Kimber, XO

With over two decades of commercial and customer experience, and specialisation in measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty, Richard’s experience of business measurement, metrics and analysis allows him to identify, target and improve those areas in a business that make the largest impact to customers, colleagues, business process and the bottom line.

Richard is a companion member of The Institute of Customer Service and is visiting guest lecturer on customer experience at Huddersfield Business School. He is also the author of “The unforgettable customer experience: win customers, keep customers”.