Important Notes Regarding Flare to Zendesk

This article lists issues you need to take into account when creating your zip file for Flare2Zendesk.

Setting up the Content

  • Use unique heading titles. This is really a must. It's also good writing practice. If not, the matching process performed by the app won't always match to the right title. Content may be overwritten and sections/articles moved to different categories/sections. 

Creating the Delivery in Flare

  • Use a basic tripane skin, not the new advanced skins
  • Avoid using spaces in file names (images, HTML, CSS, fltoc, pictures, etc). We can't guarantee they will work perfectly. We would suggest you upload a sample and see if the process is successful. 
  • Ensure the [project].fltoc file is in the root delivery directory. We need this to understand the structure.
  • Double-check you only have 3 levels (Category > Section > Article).
    Specifically, make sure you don't have some Articles creeping in on a 2nd level.
  • While it's difficult to be specific about supported Flare features, use the features that work with Javascript that aren't too "clever", such as dropdown text and thumbnails. Do not use features that require processing in the background such as the automatic "Read More" feature or advanced Search functionality.
  • Create your CSS with the EXACT fonts and sizes your headings need to look like in the Zendesk Help Center. This assumes you will be importing the Flare CSS files into Zendesk. If you will manually change your internal Zendesk Help Center CSS file, you can ignore this bullet.

Creating the Zip from Flare

  • Create the zip file from within the delivery root folder
  • Do not use spaces any file names - content, graphics, CSS or JS files
  • It is recommended to keep the Zip file size as small as possible. Better for Flare2Zendesk but also better for your user experience. Takes longer to load pages with large picture sizes. Often you can have a png file that's 1Mb that won't lose any quality when you reduce it to 50K. Most graphical tools will help with this process.
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