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ContextEngage are Official Paligo Partners


We are delighted to announce that ContextEngage are now official partners with Paligo. Paligo, built specifically for the cloud, is a powerful solution for technical authors for authoring and delivery of content. Paligo provides the tools professional authors require, together with the interactive customer experience expected from cloud-based apps.

Paligo also fits very well into our existing basket of products and services. Paligo has a built-in integration with Zendesk so professional authors have a top environment for authoring and a fantastic environment for delivery. 

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What is Paligo

Paligo is a professional tool for authoring help content for your company's product. It contains the advanced features demanded by technical authors, with a simple-to-use experience for anyone to produce excellent content results. 

Paligo works in all popular web browsers. You do not need to download any software to start using the tool. We will explain the main features in the chronology that you may author the content.

Authoring and Publications

Simple UI for authoring content. You have all the tools you need to make the authoring process simple. For example:

  • Topic-based authoring: Write using topics. Use those topics in any order and for any deliverable.
  • Images. Import any of the main image formats and Paligo automatically exports with the most applicable file format needed for a deliverable
  • Bullets and numbering made easy. No need to play with formatting lists, all done for you.
  • Structured authoring. For the technical ones, Paligo is XML with full structured authoring that you can also modify if necessary. 
  • Reusable content, conditional text, variables, taxonomies and other features that you need when authoring larger and more involved document sets.
  • Built-in Version Management: Version management shouldn’t be hard. Paligo makes it easy to roll back content, compare versions, create branches, and manage releases.

You build publications by simple drag-and-drop. You aren't limited to a single document structure. You can reuse and organize the content for different deliveries and publications. 

Workflow and Translations

Paligo allows you to implement the ideal workflow for your company. This can involve allowing comments within Paligo and managing the status of each piece of content. No need to send out Word files for review. The time has come for content to be managed in the same way as other critical projects in your organization. You can set a clear review process, set assignments and communicate, all within Paligo. 


Publishing your Content

Publishing is easy and flexible. You can create HTML and PDF files. It's easy to modify the general PDF template or create one of your own. You can export to HTML for hosting on your web server. What's more, you can push your content directly into Zendesk (and other support platforms). Modify the HTML using the built-in styling editor or import ready-made CSS files.

An example use case could be some customers use your solution without Internet access. Create HTML output for hosting on a local server and a PDF for maintaining on a customer's machine. Publish into Zendesk so customers can access content online and within your ticket deflection implementation.

Take a look what happens when you bring the Paligo content into Zendesk. Paligo will have a hugely positive effect on your technical authoring. Now professional writing teams can work with Zendesk when they also need a CCMS. 


You can click on the picture below for actual examples. We would recommend that you especially try out the green help widget - check it's context sensitivity when you sign-up and move around Ding. Chat with us if you want more information on these capabalities with Zendesk. 


Paligo is a Great Product. Try it out for Yourself

If you are managing the content in your company, you should try out THE full cloud-based solution for professional technical authors - Paligo. Your simple next task is to do the following:

  • For the 30-day trial, click here. Put "ContextEngage" in the description.
  • Contact us directly for a demo according to your schedule. 


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