Flare2Zendesk for Integrating Flare with Zendesk

Important Update

Since creating the app, we have since discovered a much better solution for authoring content. That is Paligo. Your overall authoring experience plus the integration with Zendesk, is much improved, in relation to Flare and our app. We strongly recommend you jump straight to our page on Paligo instead - click here for more on Paligo.

While we are supporting the app, there are no present plans to further develop the app. 

Sometimes an idea starts in low orbit and eventually turns out to be a whole lot more than that. Flare2Zendesk allows you to author in Madcap Flare and deliver using Zendesk. The result is a great solution for authoring and delivering content available anywhere. The most important aspect is customers can find the instructional content they need, and it becomes part of the full support ecosystem. 

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This tool is great—seems to be exactly what we need.
-Jen Kollmer, Lead Technical Writer, Centro Inc. 

See Pricing below for our special Zendesk pricing discount when purchasing Flare2Zendesk together with actual Zendesk licenses. We can also arrange a Madcap Flare discount.

Technical writers and Support Specialists alike are increasingly finding appreciation for tools like Madcap Flare and Zendesk, respectively. Writers prefer Flare for its ability to simplify the content development workflow, while leveraging its single sourcing and content reuse capabilities; while Support Specialists recommend Zendesk for a suite of End-User Support tools in the background, and a templated user-facing Support Center in the foreground. In both regards, Flare and Zendesk are unanimous in their ability to increase productivity. However, users of both have found a significant roadblock to their workflows: due to a disconnect between Flare and Zendesk, the process for importing content – without losing any of the HTML and CSS formatting in Flare – was tedious. The lack of a ‘bridge’ between Zendesk and Flare is what sparked our interest in finding a way to bring the two together, harmoniously. So, we got to work.

Now, we are proud to introduce Flare2Zendesk: a simple app that integrates the two platforms, by allowing you to simply zip your Flare project and quickly import it into Zendesk, with only a few clicks. Top authoring, perfect delivery.

In this article, we'll briefly explain what this combination provides. 

Flare2Zendesk Enables a Great Content Solution on the Market

Before we get into what FlareZendesk does exactly, let’s elaborate a little on Flare and Zendesk:

Flare is a content management system used by companies with advanced requirements, including (but not limited to): version control,  conditional text, variables, snippets, and multiple deliverables (such as PDF, Word and HTML). Flare also has its own HTML5 content deliverable options, which as good as they are, still are standalone help systems that have limitations when it comes to integrating into an organization’s Support ecosystem.

Zendesk is the leading CRM support platform and has a large emphasis on Self-Service features for customers (end-users). Put simply, Zendesk is the complete and centralized tool for answering and managing customer inquiries. It also provides a full suite of support ticket management tools and functions for administrators. In terms of help content, Zendesk is great for organizing and displaying content online, thus making it simple for end-users to search and find the material they need. Zendesk also boasts a number of ticket-deflection capabilities, where relevant content is quickly displayed to the user, before they submit a new support ticket. As part of a fully integrated self-service help system, help content is a key part of the whole Support ecosystem.  

Our Flare2Zendesk app ‘bridges’ the two products, so your employees can receive the best authoring experience (using Flare) together with the best tool for delivering content as part of the full support ecosystem (using Zendesk). Now, your team can use MadCap Flare for technical authoring, and then quickly bring that content into Zendesk. This is important because Zendesk is extremely powerful at organizing and referencing content.

Your team can maintain optimal workflows, and your clients can continue to use the self-serve capabilities offered with Zendesk, to find their own answers quickly and reliably, even before contacting you with questions. This leads to a reduction in support tickets and man-hours, while increasing sales and customer loyalty.

Flare2Zendesk allows us to streamline our workflow, saving us time. Prior to using the API, it was a hassle to transfer content from Flare to Zendesk. We found ourselves having to use a separate Text Editor to reconfigure Flare’s CSS tags so they could work in Zendesk. We would then have to copy and paste HTML into Zendesk’s native Text Editor and closely check for formatting issues before publishing. Flare2Zendesk is one of the best time-saving tools we have purchased.
- Sumati Oraevskiy, Technical Content Developer, FlowWorks Inc. 

What you can do with the Content in Zendesk

As an integral part of the full support platform. Zendesk is extremely powerful in it's flexibility of putting content exactly where customers need it, reducing their effort. Your customers will now self-serve to find their own answers increasing their satisfaction as they find answers quickly and where they need them. This increase in ticket deflection results in a reduction in tickets and cost, whilst increasing loyalty and sales. 

You can click on the picture below for actual examples. We would recommend that you especially try out the green help widget - check it's context sensitivity when you sign-up and move around Ding.

 Some real business case examples that result from the features in the picture above are:

  • A customer, or even potential customer, goes to your main support page to quickly find an answer to their question.
  • A customer plans to open a ticket with a question for your support team. While typing in the Subject, a dropdown appears automatically. The customer realises one of the articles is exactly what she needs. She clicks the article and doesn't send the ticket. 
  • A customer sends in a query by email unsure about the best process for removing users from the system. An email is sent automatically to the customer with suggested articles related to the contents of the original email. The customer clicked on one of the articles and found the answer to the question. 
  • A widget on your product dashboard and all other pages. Users can click the widget in the corner of the screen and immediately receive the exact content they need, shown automatically depending on the exact page.
  • A user using your mobile app has access to the content, chat and tickets directly from within the app. Press Pause during the mobile of a game, for example, find your answer, and then carry on playing. 
  • Articles are sent automatically as part of the onboarding process. The article sets are also defined by a prediction of common problems by users as different stages of the onboarding process. These articles can solve questions before they even become questions. 

How it Works

The process is actually quite simple to integrate Flare and Zendesk using our Flare2Zendesk app. Our app is installed within Zendesk. 

The setup tasks are to setup Zendesk to support the content coming in from Flare. We provide instructions and also provide the service for setting this up. We update the Zendesk theme template in the Help Center to support the CSS and JS files that Flare uses.

From Flare, create an HTML tripane deliverable, together with graphics, and zip up all the deliverable files. The structure must meet the Category > Section > Article structure of the Zendesk Help Center.

The Flare2Zendesk app extracts the Zip file and you can decide where to place all the data in the Help Center as the figure below shows.


Flare2Zendesk is $45 per account monthly. 

When purchased together with Zendesk, you will get:

  • Flare2Zendesk free
  • 3% discount on the Zendesk retail price when purchasing Zendesk licenses with us
  • Discount on Flare. We will put you in contact with a Madcap reseller, a partner of ours for the discount. 

Contact us today and we can arrange the purchase and delivery of Flare2Zendesk. 

We are happy to present a demo of our app and a more detailed explanation of why this solution is the best self-service authoring solution on the market. Simply contact us to arrange a demo.

Also refer back to our Home Page for more general details on what we do. 

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