Setting up Flare2Zendesk

Setting up Flare2Zendesk is an easy process. First you need to install the app. Finally you need to setup the Zendesk API token so Flare2Zendesk can gain access to your Help Center.

Note that the token provides access to all the Help Centers in your account if you are using multibrand.

Installing Flare2Zendesk

You can install from the marketplace or as a private app. At the time of writing, the app is only available as a private app. You need to contact us directly to access the private app.

To install and setup as private Zendesk app:

  1. In Zendesk Support, select Admin > Apps > Manage.
    The My Apps page appears.
  2. Click Upload private app
    The Upload App page appears.
  3. Enter Flare2Zendesk in the App Name field and select the zip containing the app when clicking Choose File. Click Upload.

    The Creating a new App popout appears.
  4. Click Upload.
  5. Once Zendesk completes uploading and processing, the Apps Marketplace page appears with the FlareZendesk title and icon, you are asked for the API token. The next section explains how to access the token,

Accessing the API Token

You need to generate a Zendesk API token for Zendesk to upload content to your Help Center.

To access the API token:

  1. After installing the app (via the marketplace or as a private app), the Apps Marketplace page appears with the FlareZendesk title and icon.
  2. Open an additional Zendesk Support in a separate tab.
  3. In Zendesk Support, select Admin > ChannelsAPI.
    If it's the first time you are opening this page, you may be requested to click Getting Started.
    The Zendesk API page appears.

  4. Ensure Token Access is Enabled.
  5. Click the + button, marked in the figure above. 
    The Create a new token popout appears.
  6. Enter the Description, such as Flare2Zendesk.
  7. Copy the API token and click Save. You will not be able to copy it again. 
    Note: If you did not copy the token correctly, you can create another new one. 
  8. Return to the Apps Marketplace page and paste the API token into the Token field. 
    If you want to restrict the app to certain Roles, select them (as with any installed app).
    Click Install
    The app is installed and the icon appears in the left navigation.



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