Integrating Zendesk with So Many Cloud Apps using PieSync

Sync your contacts between Zendesk and your
favorite cloud apps, two-way and in real time!

We live during a time of integrating multiple cloud apps for a full business solution. Generally finding a single solution to cover all main business activities (sales, support, finance, telephone, mailings, etc) will  be too complicated, inflexible or expensive. The direction is to choose the best application for each activity and ensure they all integrate. 

The ability to integrate your applications should be one of the prime factors in deciding which tools to use. That is one main reason that companies go for well-known solutions, such as Zendesk, as integrations are much easier to find without additional and expensive development work. 

The Zendesk marketplace contains a number of ready-made integrations to applications such as Salesforce, Mailchimp and others. The list in not conclusive. Piesync, a ContextEngage partner, are the "bees knees" in integrations. Their integrations are also very easy to setup. Their list contains integrations you won't find easily such as Salesforce IQ and Zoho CRM. 

It really doesn't get easier to sync your apps. No coding or triggers. ContextEngage recommends Piesync to our customers. 

We suggest you check out Piesync - - for a free trial today. Then contact us for a discount code! 

If you are not already a Zendesk company, speak to us for unique first-year discounts. We will also help you implement Zendesk to gain the most from your investment. Also see our blog that works as a checklist for successful Zendesk integrations.

Piesync syncs Zendesk with:

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